Hollywood's Trendiest Haircut Will Inspire Your Big Summer Chop

Photo: Raymond Hall/GC Images.
When you were a kid, and your parents were still responsible for managing your schedule, the first heatwave of May or June probably meant a trip to the salon for a "summer haircut." Now, your haircuts probably correlate less with the seasons and more with the current balance of your checking account, or whenever your split ends start to make their way north. But maybe it's time to put an end to the sporadic salon habits you've picked up as an adult, and get back in the chair for the once-ceremonial fresh summer cut.
Not only does the warm-weather chop make sense logically (because it's about to get humid as hell and the last thing you want is a heavy blanket of hair sticking to the back of your neck), it's also very on-trend. From Julianne Hough to Carey Mulligan and Mandy Moore, so many A-listers have parted with their extensions in anticipation of beach season — and it just so happens they all went for the same exact chop: a short, chin-skimming bob.
Ahead, check out all the styles. Let the promise of a cute, swingy new style bring on an updated version of those first-day-of-summer hair vibes — like back when your parents paid for your appointment. We didn't know how good we had it...

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