10 Things We Secretly Can’t Stand About Our Roommates

For most of us, roommates are a non-negotiable part of our 20s. But living with someone and all of their quirks, is tricky — whether it's a friend, your significant other, or a complete stranger. In the best cases, you wind up with someone who is clean and friendly, and has a schedule that meshes well with yours.
In the worst cases, you find yourself awkwardly duking it out for time in the bathroom, fighting over space on the DVR, and letting dirty dishes pile up in your tiny kitchen sink. Your home life becomes a series of mini-melodramas and you are no longer on your best behaviour — or on speaking terms with your housemate, for that matter.

We've all been a bad roommate at one time or another, possibly without even realising it. That's why we asked a handful of R29 staffers to reveal the domestic behaviours that they secretly can't stand. Some of their deal breakers are probably your deal breakers, too. Some of them will definitely surprise you. Click through, and see if you recognise yourself anywhere in here.

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