Why Every Flat Should Have An Instagram Corner

Finding a half-decent flat to live in is hard enough without having to worry about decorating it, let alone live up to Instagram’s standard of interiors. No matter how many times we’re reminded that social media is nothing more than a highlights reel, it’s completely normal if following aspirational interiors accounts makes you feel even worse about your less-than-fancy living situation.
Chances are your IRL home isn’t decorated with perfectly curated yet totally effortless trays of Le Labo candles and enviable furniture. But it’s perfectly okay if your vanity table isn’t a colour-coordinated arrangement of luxury skincare but rather an amalgamation of approximately 400 bobby pins, some tangled jewellery and a soy sauce packet from the takeaway you ate in bed three weeks ago.
Today’s economy means many of us are stuck in the renting cycle, which means that you may feel a long way off living in your "dream" home. But whether your space is tiny, old, cramped or cluttered, or you’re not allowed to nail stuff to the walls, your home should still be your sanctuary; somewhere that makes you feel calm and at peace. Not only is it your place of retreat, it’s also totally reflective of your personality and passions.
Even though you might not have uninhibited creative control – and an unlimited budget – there’s still plenty you can do to make one little corner of your less-than-enviable flat more liveable.
We spoke to six women about how they transformed a nook in their house to make it look Insta-worthy – because you’d be surprised how a well-decorated bookshelf can make that weird roommate or unidentified smell more bearable.
Click through to see these nooks and get some inspiration for your own flat.

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