Here's What You Can Rent Around The UK For £1,250

Photographed by Matilda Hill-Jenkins.
Londoners, this one goes out to you.
The average rental price of a one-bedroom flat (that's including studio flats) in our fair capital is now an eye-watering £1,250. A horror if you're in a couple; an unaffordable nightmare if you're not.
For some of you who live in more central parts of London, £1,250 might even seem cheap for a one-bed place. Hell, around some parts, £1,250 would barely get you a room in a shared house.
But what if – and just stay with us here – you were to give up on London? Head back to the Shire, your hometown, or another big city that is also fun and lively? What sort of place would you be looking at then for your money?
We decided to take a look at what £1,250 will get you in cities around the UK. Non-Londoners, prepare to feel smug. Londoners, perhaps it's time to think about hiring a moving van?