5 Women Who Know Food Share Their Seduction Meals

Photo by Bre Audrey Graham.
Eating together is an intimate act. Even making eye contact with a stranger as you try to stop a particularly ambitious bite of a burrito spill over yourself feels revealing. That stranger has seen something essential in your hunger, your choice of fillings, your inability to hold your meal together. It's an exposing experience – and you were just trying to get through a rushed pre-COVID lunch break.
This is why the meals we make and eat are so crucial in relationships, especially at the beginning. Beyond the obvious siren call of aphrodisiacs like oysters, chocolate and (supposedly) asparagus, what we choose to eat can shape the course of a conversation, setting the tone and the bar for how intimate the date will become.
So, ahead of Valentine's Day, we asked some of our favourite food people what meal they make when they want to set exactly the right tone for date night. Whether it's an attempt to seduce with finger food, wow with your culinary skills or just pull together the perfect after-dinner tipple, eating in is the only option for potential lovers right now – you might as well make the most of it.

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