The "Rainbow French" Is The Next Big Manicure Trend

Photo: Jeremy Moeller/Getty Images.
TThe best part about something simple and classic — like a French manicure — is that you can always use it as a safe starting point, and add frills and embellishments as you like. From the classic, we've seen spin-offs like the ombré French and the orbital negative-space French. But the most recent French-influenced design is our favorite adaptation on the staple, white-tipped mani.
Similar to the gradient manicure (that's still popular on Instagram), the rainbow French features a different colour polish on each fingernail. But, like the basic French tip, the rainbow iteration keeps the majority of the nail bare or nude, with the colour striping just the tip of the fingernail.
If you're curious about how the rainbow French manicure reads when you put all five fingers together, scroll through the slides ahead for the best inspiration images — and all the different colour ways — that are blowing up on Instagram.