10 Essentials This Pop Star Can't Leave The House Without

Phone, wallet, keys, and lipstick: The mantra of many a millennial woman. For non-minimalists, however, our everyday purses aren't just for the necessities — they've become collecting grounds for the weird, kooky items that might seem superfluous to the casual bystander, but are staples for the women who lug them around.
That's why we started Spill It, where we ask influential women to spill everything in their purse for the camera. First up, Rachel Platten, who you might know as the upbeat voice singing 2016's runaway hit "Fight Song" (Taylor Swift was a fan), as well as 2017's pop album Waves.
Platten dropped by our studio in a heart-bedazzled top and a cult fashion girl bag, filled to the brim, in the very appropriate shade of — what else? — millennial pink. "This bag kind of reminds me of me," she says. "It seems like it's going to fall over, and it's like How is she keeping it together? She's definitely going to fall apart. But she doesn't, and the bag doesn't either."
So what does Platten stash in her almost-£250 bag? Turns out, spiritual necessities like a stick of palo santo and a rose quartz crystal, as well as a notebook and coloured pencils for on-the-fly lyrics. But there are also some surprising finds and beauty buys that we might just snag for ourselves, like her all-natural, cinnamon-scented hand sanitiser. Watch the video above to learn about Platten's everyday essentials, showcasing her spiritual side as well as her glam side, and let us know what you keep in your bag at all times in the comments below.
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