J. Lo's Pearl Manicure Is Sparking The Prettiest Nail-Polish Trend

Photo: Bertrand Rindoff Petroff/French Select/Getty Images.
There's absolutely nothing low-key about a celebrity engagement ring, especially when it's hanging off the finger of the iconic Jennifer Lopez. Diamond experts believe that her fiancé Alex Rodriguez may have spent upwards of 5 million dollars on J.Lo's 15-carat rock. Given the opulence of the ring, it might come as a surprise that there's a practical, realistic, and dare we say, affordable takeaway to glean from ogling J.Lo's ring finger: her nail polish.
Like most freshly-engaged women, J.Lo's has been paying extra attention to her hands, stepping up her mani game since making her big matrimonial announcement back in March. Our favourite look to date is her recent pearl chrome nails — which are, like Lopez, chic and tastefully blingy. Ahead, take a look at the stunning, opalescent manicure, and shop polishes that will give you the same custom-designed fingernails for £20 max.