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New Balance’s Run Your Way Proves Everyone Is A Runner

Whether you’re laughing while clutching your side jogging around the park with friends, beating the pavement en route to work, or training for your fifth marathon — we can all proudly call ourselves runners.
This is the core message at the heart of New Balance’s empowering “Run Your Way” campaign. It invites us to let go of any expectations or doubts we may have about running, or any insecurities we may have about the level of ability or even motivation required to call ourselves “proper runners”. At the end of the day, the iconic sports brand wants us to remember that everyone’s journey is different, and as long as you’re lacing up your trainers and hitting the road, you’re a part of the running community. A real runner. Yes, it really is that simple.
We all run for different reasons. Fitness, stress relief, time to ourselves, making friends, personal goals, even as a means to process grief. Some days you just feel like you’re bursting at the seams and need to move. There is no underestimating the wonders that the perfect song blasting in our headphones, the afternoon sunlight hitting our faces exactly the right way, and beating our time (even if it’s just by a couple of minutes) can do. No matter what, running is great for the mind, body and soul.
In a world of retouched and pristine fitness influencers, social media can be the thief of joy and make us feel inadequate, but the “Run Your Way” campaign offers an empowering and realistic message. It reminds us that running is about more than just traversing a certain distance or crossing a finishing line — it’s about finding true joy and pride in your running journey, and that even a small accomplishment is a promise kept to yourself. 
At New Balance, the brand believes in celebrating all the ways that running is a deeply personal and individual experience – every runner is unique. That’s why we’re coming together with New Balance this winter to share stories of real life runners and their personal motivations. We want to inspire everyone to run in a way that honours their uniqueness, opening the door to a more welcoming, inviting and inclusive future for others to partake in.
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