Money Diary: A Single Mum In Leicester On 20k

Welcome to Money Diaries, where we're tackling what might be the last taboo facing modern working women: money. We're asking a cross-section of women how they spend their hard-earned money during a seven-day period – and we're tracking every last penny.
This week we're with a 26-year-old single mum living with her family and 5-year-old daughter in Leicester. She works full time and is also studying to be a mortgage advisor. It's a big celebration week in her religion so she's looking forward to celebrating with her family – as long as she manages not to get ill!
Industry: Energy
Age: 26
Location: Leicester
Salary: £20k basic salary plus an average of £800 commission per month
Paycheque amount: £1,800 to £2,800 depending on commission. I also receive weekly child benefit of £20.70. This gets transferred into my daughter’s savings account. I also sell on eBay and have made £750 per month on average for the past three months. I don’t buy anything especially to sell, this is all things I already have. Mainly my daughter’s old clothes.
Number of housemates: 4 – I live with my parents, my sister and my daughter (K). My brother and I own the house.
Monthly Expenses
Housing costs: Mortgage £765, council tax £216 (my dad pays this and I pay for everything else; once we're mortgage-free this will change and all bills will be split 50/50).
Loan payments: £308 in total. £25k in September 2016 for our extension. £21k for a loan my mum has for the same reason. These loan payments are split three ways between myself, my dad and my brother.
Utilities: Water £29, gas £69, electric £58.
Transportation: Car payment £315, insurance £175.
Phone bill: £56 for my mobile. I also split my mum’s phone bill with my brother as he uses the phone and I pay for her SIM. This is £18 per month.
Savings? Nothing specific at the moment. My child benefit payment gets transferred into my daughter’s account each week to provide savings for her. She now has approximately £4,600 in her savings account.
Other: TV, landline, broadband £93 – absolute rip-off! Life insurance £145. Boiler cover £19.24. Home insurance £48.
Credit cards £550 - £600. I have nearly £18k in credit card debit. £2,500 of this is an interest-free balance transfer until January 2020 and the rest is cumulative from the past three years due to our extension etc. It seems never-ending to pay it off but I am doing my best.
Greenbelt tax £11.21. This covers upkeep and maintenance of the land in our area. Prescriptions £10.40. I pay this monthly and it covers all medications. I have ADHD and anxiety and take four medications for this.
TV licence £30.10. Charity £10/month each pre-tax to Parkinson's UK and Aga Khan Foundation.
Gymnastics for K: £17 annually for insurance and £25 month.

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