Mars In Taurus Is Here — It’s Time To Grow

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Action planet Mars will be in the earth sign Taurus from 9th June to 20th July. This will be when we focus on planting seeds for the future and connecting with our values. Doing so allows us to achieve the goals that are closest to our hearts. The caveat is that we’ll have to be patient and gentle with the process rather than impulsive and temperamental — and not just with ourselves, but with others. Slow and steady wins the race with Mars in Taurus, allowing us to handle matters carefully and diligently. 
Mars is considered to be in detriment in the sign Taurus. Since it is in dignity in Scorpio and the opposite sign of the water sign is Taurus, in this position Mars takes a milder approach and is less aggressive. Mars in Taurus can be slow to take action and to anger because it doesn’t like to get mad. Life must be a beautiful experience full of rainbows and butterflies for the Venusian-ruled earth sign
 Mars in Taurus tries to avoid confrontation as much as possible. As a result, we can expect a more passive approach to matters as we try to get along with people better. Although it seems sensible, this can lead to a frustration brewing underneath the surface and waiting to boil over — when a bull sees red, it is a relentless warrior — so journalling or talking out sentiments is a helpful way to deal with the build-up of emotions. 
Our sense of security might be challenged since Mars and Taurus are out of their comfort zones. Anxiety urging money and relationships could heighten, pushing us to dedicate more energy than ever to these aspects of our lives. We’ll want to kiss and make up without discussing the root of problems and opt out of resolving core issues. Pursuing fortuitous investments and achieving our financial goals will be at the forefront of our minds, pushing us to seek prosperity in the material form. 
Mars in Taurus likes to roll up their sleeves and do the work to evolve and grow — as long as that means not breaking a sweat. It’s a great time to start planning projects and ventures. Know that they’ll require TLC and won’t be completed swiftly. This is for the best because then these situations will, instead, be completed with love and dedication and the results will be excellent. Learning how to ebb and flow is essential.
 We may find our sensual desires are strong. Mars in Taurus prefers touch and cuddling. Expect to to be wined and dined with canoodling after. In matters of the heart, we won’t want to pursue people who are a challenge and focus our attention on those who show up and have proven their affection through their actions. Indulgences will be high, so enjoy the debauchery while it lasts. 
This year, Mars in Taurus is offering us the opportunity to seek out innovative and distinctive ways to start and seek out pursuits. With the help and counsel from those we trust and respect, we can begin to get the ball rolling. Pretty soon it’ll lead to what we want. Keep the faith and success will follow.
Important Dates: 
9th June:
Mars enters Taurus, making us more submissive and less unruly in the weeks ahead.

11th June: Mars in Taurus squares Pluto retrograde in Aquarius. The need to dominate and win will create power struggles in relationships. Be kind to avoid drama.
21st June: Mars in Taurus harmonizes with Mercury in Cancer, allowing us to use our smooth-talking ways to improve situations and build bridges with others. 
29th June: Mars in Taurus sextiles Venus in Cancer, igniting our hearts and passions. Planning a romantic date or evening out with friends is a beautiful day. 
5th July: Mars in Taurus links up with Saturn in Pisces, helping us to persevere and have patience. 
15th July: Mars in Taurus connects with Uranus in Taurus, opening us up to new insights and unique endeavors. 
20th July: Mars in Taurus aspects Neptune in Pisces, bringing sensuality and intuition to our attention.

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