3 Types Of Leos You Might Run Into

photographed by Ashley Armitage; modeled by Beija Flor; modeled by Jessica Taylor; produced by Lorenna Gomez-Sanchez; produced by Megan Madden.
Leo season has arrived to remind us, once again, that we all have some amount of star power hiding within us — and now's the time of year to let it out and shine in full force. But, none of us will ever dazzle quite like someone who's actually born under the sign of the Lion, of course.
Ruled by the sun and the element of fire, Leo is the bold A-lister of the Zodiac, simultaneously relatable and yet untouchable in their theatrical, exuberant persona. If you can keep up with them, they'll be one of the best friends you'll ever have. If you rub them the wrong way, prepare to hear them roar.
Of course, not all Leos are confrontational drama queens. In honour of their solar season kicking off, we're taking a closer look at how Leonine people really behave, and what sorts of nuanced personality types live within their general sign. Read on to learn more about this fiery sign.

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