The Best Leather Jackets For Every Budget

Sweater weather may be upon us (at least, it's supposed to be), but let's not forget that this time of year brings about one of our other favorite pieces of clothing: the leather jacket. Since autumnal temperatures can vary, especially between day and night, layering is key — and that's where this versatile topper comes into play.
From our all-time favorite cropped number to the heavily embellished options we've been seeing all over Instagram, there so much more to leather jackets than the ubiquitous moto. The only problem? A high-quality piece can cost as much as your monthly rent. That's why, regardless of your budget, we've rounded up the best simple, totally out-there, and everything-in-between styles to get you in the fall mood.
Consider this your reminder of how pragmatic and versatile leather jackets really are, and why you should have one (or 10) in your closet at all times.