We Spoke To Kylie Jenner About Style, Success & '90s Nostalgia

Photo: Courtesy Of Adidas Originals
Kylie Jenner was born 21 years ago. At the time, back in 1997 when the Spice Girls were still at large and the UK had somehow won Eurovision, we weren't to know that this baby girl would grow up to become one of the most famous faces in the world. Businesswoman, beauty mogul and Instagram's truest Influencer.
At around the same time, adidas unveiled what would later become one of its most iconic women's trainers: adidas Originals Falcon Dorf runner. And just as we couldn't have predicted Kylie's success, nor could we have foreseen the "dad trainer" resurrection that would take place a couple of decades later. Now, adidas has brought back its nostalgic sports shoe and, in doing so, aligned itself with a period in pop culture history that is defined by the youngest Kardashian-Jenner sister's social media seal of approval.
And the shoe certainly fits. Kylie is the face of the new adidas Originals shoe, Falcon. The updated version of the 97' Dorf trainer is as nostalgic as it is reflective of the 2018 vibe – a juxtaposition that speaks volumes to all of us. But what drew Kylie to the nostalgia for a style that was born the same year she was? How does she nail the trainer look to make it work today, and does she even remember when the original Falcon Dorf dropped the first time around? Well, we asked her. Here's what she told us...
Photo: Courtesy Of Adidas Originals.
Photo: Courtesy Of Adidas Originals.
You must be approached by brands all the time, but what is it that drew you to the adidas family?
adidas is a creators' brand which is something I can identify with and respect. adidas is and has always been part of our family, I’m happy to be involved as the face of the Falcon campaign.
You must be so aware of how influential your style choices are. Has social media influenced your style at all?
The biggest influence on my style is my sisters and people around me. I do think social media is a good platform for finding and sharing new ideas but it is important to stay true to my own style.
What’s the trick to turning the sneaker look into 'A Look'?
There are no written rules, nowadays a sneaker is worn with almost every kind of outfit. Being bold and trying something new is almost the best way to create a look that’s individual to you – wear every sneaker with confidence and it’s automatically a look, I love pairing sneakers with a cute dress, it’s the perfect balance.
Photo: Courtesy Of Adidas Originals.
Photo: Courtesy Of Adidas Originals.
Nineties nostalgia continues to be a huge influence in both style and pop culture. You were very young at the time, but does the era resonate with you on a personal level at all?
I like the bold and bigger silhouettes of that time, and the colours.
Do you remember the Falcon Dorf?
The style dropped the year I was born so I didn’t see it the first time around but I like how it’s been brought back now.
You’re a successful businesswoman and entrepreneur worldwide, what are your top tips for success?
My best tip would be continue to create and believe in what you are building, and you are a creator of your own success. Be consistent and always listen to the customer. Do it because you love it, the rest will come.
How do you identify with the bold statement of Falcon, and does being bold ever scare you, and why?
It’s a part of who I am so I wouldn’t say it scares me. Sometimes people think being bold is to be firm, but in fact being bold for me is being confident, self-assured and proud of who I am and the decisions I make. Plus, bold is fun.
Kylie Jenner is the face of the new adidas Originals campaign – Falcon.

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