3 Influencers From Cold Climates On How To Dress For Parks & Pub Gardens

Photo via @mianne.chan.
Whether or not lockdown is extended, it's most likely that our winter socialising will take place outdoors. We may be waving goodbye to cosy pubs with pals, outrageous office Christmas parties and a sweaty New Year's Eve dance floor but we'll still take every opportunity we get to see our local loved ones – even if it means a takeaway coffee or mulled wine by the park gates.
This, however, will be a cold affair. Even on winter's crisp, blue-sky days, the UK is not a place to neglect covering up. Before the pandemic, we spent our time rushing between sweltering public transport, the office and friends' homes for festive dinners so genuinely warm clothing wasn't high on our priority list. Now, we're all too familiar with the bone-chilling cold that seeps in when you've been standing outside for more than an hour.
To help us navigate the confusing waters of cool yet cosy style, we asked three women from cold climates (New York, Oslo and Toronto) how to nail outdoors outfits that keep you wrapped up without compromising on personal style. From wool base layers to snow-ready boots, here's your guide to winter dressing, from the pros who nail it every year.

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