Team R29 Celebrate Party Season At Home & In Style

On the face of it, this year might feel a million miles away from anything to do with party season but in truth, the festive spirit is as strong as ever, no matter where you are or who you’re with. Sure, we’re dealing with shaky Wi-Fi connections and buffering video calls but in between the remote pub quizzes and virtual dance parties, we’re finding new ways to stay connected.
Eager to celebrate these golden moments of togetherness, and inspired by Coach’s Holiday 2020 campaign, we organised a very special festive video call. Catching up from across the country, four members of the Refinery29 team chatted about finding joy in at-home party fashion and what this festive season has in store for them. Dressed for the occasion, each team member styled Coach’s Holiday 2020 collection and newly launched Beat bag into their individual party look for full-on festive vibes (even if we are staying inside).
To share the festive fun, we’re offering you the chance to win two exclusive Coach Kitsch Holiday Boxes. Each box has everything you could need to throw your own virtual Christmas party, including a Beat bag.
Apart we may be, but that doesn’t mean we’re not together. Here's the proof...
I may not be with my friends or colleagues for this year's Christmas parties but that doesn't mean I'm winding down the festive spirit. I'll be joining loved ones on video calls for just as many terrible tunes and questionable cocktails, we're just calling our living room the dance floor this year.
To get into party mode, I'm donning my best look – bag and shoes included, to convince myself we're not really celebrating at home. Opting for the magic of monochrome, I'm wearing my XXL collar blouse and leather-look shorts, both given an after-hours refresh with polka dot tights, a velvet headband and sparkling beaded earrings. I'm breaking up the black and white with my favourite maroon Beat bag – complete with two straps so I can mix up how I wear it and Instagrammable logo print leather – and, topped off with a red lip, I'm good to go. Now, Meg, who's making the mulled wine in your household?
Definitely me! It's my favourite festive tipple. I am full of Christmas spirit all year round to be honest so as soon as the festive season is official (i.e. now), I am in the zone and all dressed up – however this year I will literally have nowhere to go! Digital shindigs with all of my lovely mates and family members is how I’ll be spending the entire season – with the R29 one kicking it off.
When celebrating, I need a somewhat ‘practical’ outfit to support the sheer amount of moving and shaking that I do. Table dancing is a must for a Christmas party (and any time of the year, frankly) so this green suede pair of trousers is perfect. Although we’ll all be indoors this year, I’m giving myself that proper night out energy by donning my rather stunning trench coat and gorgeous Beat bag in my flat. I’m loving a gold chain at the moment, so have teamed my bag with chains on chains for that full party get-up. I've topped off my party ensemble with my go-to pink glitter eyes and a rose tinted lip to complement my sparkly rollneck because, well, it would be rude not to. I know what you’re thinking and yes, party lighting will now be a permanent feature here in my living room – all I need now is a disco ball and I am raring! To! Go! Montse, what are your Christmas traditions?
Just like everyone else, my festive plans are looking quite different this year. Usually I'd be enjoying pintxos and cervecitas in a lovely bar in Spain but this time it'll have to be digital catch-ups with friends and family instead. That means my outfit and looking great on the hangouts is just as important.
Throughout the year my style varies with the seasons and my mood – from quirky pattern mixes to joyful vintage combinations to discreet head-to-toe black (I’m still a graphic designer at heart!). I’ve always adored those stylish '70s female writers with their simple and elegant styles. I know I can always pop on a long black dress with the right accessories (oh hello, pink Beat bag) and a corduroy blazer to feel chic. My birthday is also really close to the holiday season, so there really is no holding back when it comes to celebrating at this time of year: the perfect excuse to wear bold glittery eyeshadows with my graphic winged eyeliner. I can't wait for normality but for now, corduroy, glitter, amazing accessories and homemade pintxos will have to do. Are you feeling festive, Laurene?
Christmas party season is my favourite season and lockdown 2.0 won't stop it. This year, I am keeping myself motivated and feeling festive with digital Christmas parties with colleagues, friends and family based in Paris, which is the best excuse to get dressed up, right?
My aesthetic is very much to wear dark colours and play with different textures (shearling, silk, leather), with a statement coat on top – it's winter outside after all, even if I'm only going as far as my garden. On top of all that, let’s not forget accessories, which always make the outfit pop: platform boots, gold jewellery and a cross-body bag. Yes, even though I am partying solo from my bedroom, my outfit isn't finished until I have a bag on. This Beat bag is actually the perfect accessory, especially because of the gold chain detailing, which makes it look like a piece of jewellery in itself. And when we can go out IRL, it's just the right size for all my essentials (phone, lip gloss, credit card and keys). I’m planning on wearing the exact same look for NYE, no matter how it pans out!

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