The Industries Where Most People Are Looking For A New Job

Photographed by Kate Anglestein
January is a time for taking stock and thinking about your goals for the year ahead. If you were feeling frustrated at work before the festive break, now could be the time to do something about it.
But, because some industries have more active job seekers than others, competition for new roles could be even steeper. According to new research by job site, the industries where most people are looking for a change are HR, IT and financial services.
These are all industries where employees can command high salaries, and according to the study, more than half of job seekers are looking for more money. Given that we're in the middle of a cost-of-living crisis, this is clearly no great surprise.
In HR, two in three employees (67%) say they're looking for a new job this year, and the proportion is nearly as high in IT (62%), financial services (62%) and banking (59%).
Check out the 10 industries with the most job seekers below.
1. HR – 67%
2. IT – 62%
2. Financial Services – 62%
4. Banking – 59%
5. Charity – 58%
6. Accountancy – 56%
7. Customer Service – 56%
8. Manufacturing – 55%
9. Estate Agency – 55%
10. Hospitality – 54%
In response to the findings,'s managing director Simon Wingate said: "Our research shows that people’s work priorities for the new year centre around finding new roles that provide a higher salary. We know people love their job and love Mondays when they’re paid what they deserve.
"However, although salary is important," he added, "it's not the only factor that will keep people in their jobs, even during a cost-of-living crisis. People are searching for better career opportunities, a better work-life balance, and more stability within their roles."
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