Lazy Ways To Make Your Ikea Furniture Look Expensive

Ikea - we all shop there, they have everything, it looks quite decent and is cheap. But it's not great when every one of your friends has the same old Billy, Malm, Expedit... you get what we mean.

Thankfully, in the age of Pinterest it's now easier than ever to find ways to change up your staple items, and transform them from Scandi-warehouse to Scandi-boutique.

Not all of us are up to the DIY required for these extravagant projects set by interior bloggers though. Thankfully a few smart brands have come to the rescue, specifically pitching themselves to 'hack' Ikea furniture into designer pieces without the complicated DIY element.

Click through for some easy tips, keeping the screws & nails to a minimum.
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Courtesy of Superfront

The furniture version of burning hours on Nike's online ID service. Swedish Ikea hackers Superfront set up shop in early 2013 with the aim to provide a designer answer to Ikea's basic range of Metod cabinets. They've since expanded to sideboards, TV benches, wardrobes and even bathroom sinks.

Founder Monica Born says "we started to see a pattern amongst friends in making something unique out of the Ikea cabinets. Like adding a stone top, or painting the cabinet. We ourselves had already done the same thing in a kitchen a couple of years back by adding our own fronts - and architects had been doing it for years."

In the coming months they'll be launching three new handles, and in May an artistic collaboration. "The big plan is to come up with beautiful design that can live for a long time. Therefore we try to follow our hearts instead of trends."
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Courtesy of Superfront
Hack #1: Hidden Cables TV Bench

BESTÅ TV bench, white, £55
Front: BESTÅ 60x64, Big Fish, Grannie Pink x2, £77 each
Side: BESTÅ 64x40, Grannie Pink x2, £38 each
Top: BESTÅ 120x40, Grannie Pink, £53
Leg: CAPTAINS, Grannie Pink/Copper x4, £19 each
Handles: BALLS, Copper x2, £19 each

= £452
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Courtesy of Superfront
Hack #2: Bathroom Cabinet

Ikea Metod base cabinet, white, £49
Front: METOD 80x20, Parallels, Infinity Blue, £48
Front: METOD 80x40, Parallels, Infinity Blue, £67
Sides: 39x60, Infinity Blue x2, £45 each
Top: 80x40, Carrara Marble, £235
Handle: HOLY WAFER, Copper x2, £11 each
Leg: SLENDER LOW, Copper x4, £30 each
Sink: Supersink, Copper, £385
Tap: Tapwell EVO-078, Copper, £350

= £1,366
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Courtesy of Prettypegs

If it's legs you're looking for, Prettypegs specialise in providing replaceable furniture legs – bringing a more modern identity to your key Ikea pieces. Like Superfront, they're also based in Stockholm, delivery is reasonable and relatively quick.

Their legs fit a variety of Ikea tables, tops, chairs, coffee tables, you get the picture. Helpfully, each design specifies compatibility.
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Courtesy of Prettypegs, Ikea
Hack #3: Desk or Dining Table

Ikea HILVER Table Top, Bamboo, £45
Prettypegs Harald 700, Black, £123

= £168
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Courtesy of Bemz

Swedish seaside lifestyle was the inspiration for Bemz founder and CEO Lesley Pennington. The idea all came from an Ikea Tomelilla sofa bought by Pennington, sparking a business plan to create custom covers for favourite Ikea furniture.

Whether it's a sofa you've had for years, or one from good old Gumtree, a new cover will guarantee to give it a new lease of life. Choosing a quality linen or linen-blend fabric will make it look much more expensive than it actually is.
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Courtesy of Bemz
Hack #4: Petrol Blue Sofa

Ikea Kivik Three-Seat Sofa, £425
Belgian Linen Blend Kivik Cover, Deep Navy Blue, £419

= £844
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Courtesy of Mykea

Smartly named 'Mykea' works with illustrators to create custom decals cut to cover Ikea pieces. While their roster of illustrations is currently quite limited, we're hoping they built up because the idea is genius. Would be great for jazzing up kid's rooms.
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Courtesy of Mykea
Hack #5: Mondrian Dresser

Ikea MALM Chest Of Drawers, White, £29
Mykea Simplicity Bright, Malm 2 Stickers, £7.75

= £36.75

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