I Wore Leggings Every Day For A Week & Looked Totally Chic

Refinery29 UK has published over 100 stories about leggings. We've road-tested the best black leggings, helped you nab the ones that are selling out fast, and found workout leggings with, hallelujah, pockets. It's taken a few years, but the consensus is in: yes, leggings can absolutely be worn as pants. I'm not here to further that debate, but instead to ask, what other lives can our leggings live? I spent a week exploring this, and I'm now making the case for leggings as extra skinny trousers, longer bike shorts, and a warmer alternative to tights. They're the winter layering piece that will enable you to wear your mini dresses when the weather gets frigid, and save you when a dress is unexpectedly (or expectedly) sheer.
I ended my all-leggings week feeling more nimble, aerodynamic, and energised. I surprised myself (and many of my friends) with how many events I successfully attended on time, and even caught myself power walking faster than usual at one point. While I have yet to find an easier way to take off my leggings without turning them completely inside out (suggestions welcome), these 7 days have opened my mind to all of the possibilities leggings have to offer.
Ahead, read how I fared for a week, and brainstorm with me about what's next for this versatile staple. Just don't forget to wear seamless underwear.

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