I Wore Bike Shorts For 7 Days Straight

Photographed by James Jiang
Sometimes, people wear clothing for things other than what they're intended for. Example: I wear hiking socks not for hiking, pyjama pants not for sleeping, and my expensive Brooks running shoes at moments when I am fully aware I’ll be spending the day at my desk. But sometimes, items that are built for the most extreme things (ahem, peddling a few hundred miles) are also helpful for daily life (in this case, maybe not having creeps peeking up your skirt).
When I saw bike shorts make their way down the runway at Nina Ricci, Saint Laurent, Off-White, and many others during Paris Fashion Week in September, the first thing that popped into my mind was: “Are those lace cycling shorts padded for optimal booty cushioning?” Then I recalled age seven me, wearing hot pink bike shorts and feeling like a mini superhero. That sentiment fully returned when I shimmied into bike shorts last week and committed to wearing them for seven days straight.
But first, some worries I inevitably had for the week ahead: 1) Camel toe, and what underwear I should wear to try to avoid this; 2) How exposed will I feel wearing just bike shorts with nothing covering my crotch area?; and 3) Do bike shorts automatically make it easier to bike in outfits that I previously considered unbikeable?
What I came to find: At times, the bike shorts were my best friend. At others, it felt like they were against me. Overall, the experience was a wild, spandex-clad (bike) ride. Here's how it all went down.

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