"I Live In A Mayfair Apartment For Free": 4 Women Who Don't Pay Rent

In a world where the cost of living is getting scarily higher by the day but wages aren’t… erm… quite increasing at the same rate, and the thought of getting a mortgage any time soon is a pipe dream to most, it’s no surprise that many people are seeking out ways to save money on their rent, or, even better, live a totally rent-free life. With almost 30% of our wages going on rent and bills, quirky alternative living arrangements, which see tenants exchanging some form of labour (not THAT kind of labour), their time, or sacrificing personal comforts for free or subsidised rent, are becoming more and more popular.
But while living without the stress of rent and bills looming over you seems like an absolute dream for most of us, is it worth what you give up in return? To find out, we talk to four women for whom this is a reality.

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