The 6 Relationship Stages We've All Been Through With Our Bra

Every woman, from those blessed with XL breasts to those flat as a board, knows how long it takes to build a relationship with your bra. After getting initially acquainted (boobs, meet bra; bra, meet boobs) you have to invest a lot of patience, money and give or take a few existential crises in lingerie dressing rooms before you can fully appreciate your bra.
From going to your first fitting to taking it off in front of someone for the first time, you’ll go through so much together. We’ve all got history with our bras, but even though at times the branger is real, it’ll always be there to support you… literally.
Whether you wear “my eyes are up here” kinda push-ups, delicate lace bralettes, heavy duty sports bras or bras that can potentially save your life, every woman goes through six relationship stages with her bra.

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