How To Choose A Trainer If You Generally Hate People

Photographed by Andi Elloway.
If you're someone who generally tries to avoid human contact, then you may be skeptical of the whole "personal trainer" thing. Sure, trainers are great resources when you're starting a new fitness routine. But having to make small talk with a person while you plank and sweat? No thanks!
In truth, having a good rapport with your trainer is an essential part of training, "because you need to be able to open up and trust the person," says Morit Summers, a NCSA-certified personal trainer and owner of Form Fitness in Brooklyn. You should not only vibe well with your trainer's personality, but also respond well to their training style, she says.
It's also okay if the whole thought of working with a trainer makes you a little nervous. Working out with someone one-on-one or in a group can be vulnerable, says Tiffani Robbins, Sculpt program director at Fithouse. "It's important that you feel comfortable with your instructor so that you can be vulnerable and let loose, ultimately getting the most out of every session."
Ultimately, trainers are not there to yell at you, they're there to help you, Summers says. "Yes, you're going to someone to have them push you, but it doesn’t need to be this thing where you're like, They're yelling at me and I am not gonna do this. Or, I don’t want to do this because they're yelling at me," she says.
So, keeping all this in mind, here are some tips from top exercise professionals for how to pick a trainer that you actually like.

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