11 Women Share Their Workout Routines Before & After Lockdown

Illustrated by Vero Romero.
Pre-lockdown, many of us considered exercise a vital part of our routine, so when gyms, studios and personal trainers were forced to shut up shop due to the pandemic, it was a huge blow not only to the finances of those who working in the fitness industry but to those who relied on their exercise routine to help them keep their mental health in check and to keep fit.
As with most things under lockdown, people have found ways to adapt. Many studios and class teachers turned to live streaming, and people looking for exercise signed up to subscription exercise schemes like Fiit and Shreddy in their droves.
Countless people took up running (nearly a million people have downloaded Couch to 5k over the past few weeks!) and online retailers swiftly ran out of everything from dumbbells to resistance bands as we figured out how to work out from home.
But now, as lockdown is coming to a (very confusing, highly convoluted) end, people are beginning to think about the future again. Will they happily take up their gym memberships again? Or are they happy with the routines they've carved out for themselves at home? We asked the Money Diary Facebook group for their views and hundreds responded with their plans; some chomping at the bit to get back on the treadmill and others who've found an entirely new form of exercise at home that they're going to keep up.
Ahead, we've included a few responses about what our readers future exercise schedules will look like — let us know your plans in the comments.

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