A New Game Of Thrones Song From The Weeknd, SZA & Travis Scott Is Coming

Photo Courtesy of: HBO.
Turns out some of your favourite artists are also big Game Of Thrones fans.
The Weeknd, SZA, and Travis Scott are reportedly collaborating on a new track for Game Of Thrones’ eighth and final season. Long rumoured on Reddit and stray fan pages, Pitchfork reports that The Weeknd was brought on board to make a song inspired by the hit HBO fantasy series. He later enlisted SZA and Scott for the project.
According to Pitchfork, The song will apparently be featured on Game Of Thrones. While the idea of a dragon taking flight as The Weeknd croons about winter is certainly enticing, there’s now the question of how the show will actually use this new single, considering hip-hop and R&B aren’t exactly charting (or even, like, in existence) in Westeros.
Will the song be reinterpreted to sound more medieval in the show — maybe with some harps and lutes in place of The Weeknd’s typical slick ‘80s-inspired synth? Will The Weeknd, SZA, and Scott be making cameos this season, like Ed Sheeran did as a singing soldier in season 7? (It would be interesting to see how Game Of Thrones might try to incorporate three prominent black artists into its guest cast, especially since the show doesn’t have the greatest track record when it comes to racial diversity.) Perhaps the song will be used over the credits or as some kind of promo — we might even get a cool music video out of it with special footage from Thrones’ final season.
There’s so much thematic inspiration in this show — Ice! Fire! War and zombies! Sex and love! Secret heirs and political intrigue! — that we don’t doubt this song will be a banger. All that’s left to do is see just how Game Of Thrones adds it to its TV empire.
The eighth season of Game Of Thrones premieres Monday 15th April on Sky Atlantic.

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