All The Clues Hiding In The Game Of Thrones Finale Soundtrack

Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
If you're like us, you're both looking forward to the Game of Thrones finale, and dreading it, because it means someone is going die. Season 7 hasn't given us much in the way of shocking characters deaths (other than Olenna Tyrell, The Queen of Thorns) and the whole peace/love/"let's fight the White Walkers together!" storyline has us wondering what sort of death is just around the corner. Surely something must be coming.
Over at Vanity Fair, who's been writing some impressive Game of Thrones coverage this season, they deconstruct how instrumental (pun intended) the orchestral music has been in crafting the most iconic scenes of season 7. Dany's hand dragging across the painted map of Dragonstone wouldn't be as powerful without composer Ramin Djawadi's tom drums echoing her heartbeat. Djawadi also composed the seminal Game of Thrones theme song that opens up the show — complete with choral voices and a dynamic cello that instantly draws you into Westeros.
As it turns out, there are clues! and secrets! hidden within Djawadi's music. The song "Truth" will be playing during the finale episode, in which many fans expect it to fully reveal Jon Snow's true parentage. Vanity Fair notes that "Truth" sounds suspiciously similar to "Dragonglass", the theme that played during Dany and Jon's foray into the caverns beneath Dragonstone. Brenda Noonan, who is also a composer, also dug deep into "Dragonstone" and discovered that the song is in the key of D minor, which gives it a mournful quality. This certainly echoes the doomed nature of their relationship, and definitely hints at a bittersweet destiny. "The parallels here to Jon and Dany’s burgeoning relationship are obvious (two people with disparate backgrounds, world views, and ambitions uniting toward a common goal). [Dragonglass] is a song of ice and fire, but it is also a song of quiet desperation." she writes, and we absolutely agree.
Listen to the full season 7 soundtrack below, and get ready for the 80-minute long season finale this Sunday on HBO.

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