How To Find The Perfect Flatshare

In the four years I’ve lived in London, I’ve lived in six different flatshares. No, I’m not on the run, and, no, I’m not such a bad flatmate that I just keep getting kicked out (at least I hope not).

While I’ve moved around more than most, my experience isn’t unique for someone in their twenties. For our generation – one where the possibility of home ownership is becoming increasingly elusive – flatsharing is the new normal.

People move into flatshares for many reasons. Often it’s a financial decision: Renting a one-bed is expensive. Or you’d like to live with your mates, but no one has a room going. Perhaps you’ve just come out of a relationship and moved out of a shared place – and rather than spending weekends watching Ru Paul's Drag Race on the sofa alone, you’d like to live with new people.

Flat-sharing with strangers has major advantages. If it doesn’t work out, you just move on. It’s as simple as giving notice at work. You’re free of all the politics and stress that living with close mates can entail. Knowing you can move out whenever you want makes it a great low-pressure option when you’re looking for somewhere to live. But get a flatshare right, and you’ll want to live there forever.

Here's our guide to finding the ideal home.

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