How To Exercise When There's Every Reason Not To

Humans are really good at justifying things to themselves. Like telling yourself it's okay to buy that new jacket because, really, you've spent very little money on makeup recently, or convincing yourself that you'll sort out your internet banking later when in reality you know it'll never happen.
It's the same with exercise. You will always, always be able to find a reason not to exercise: it's too cold outside, it's too early, you don't have the right kit... the list goes on.
We spoke to three women from this year's This Girl Can campaign – all of whom had totally understandable excuses for swerving their workouts – but who chose not to let that get in their way. From not having the funds for the gym, to working unpredictable hours, to having an actual baby growing inside them, here's how three women refused to let the tough stuff get between them and feeling their best.

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