5 Soothing Essential Oils For Winter Blues

Photo: Getty Images.
If you've jumped onto the "wellness" bandwagon, you'll already know that there's a healing crystal for each season, so it's little wonder that there are certain essential oils that are especially useful at different times of year, too. When it comes to winter, you can probably guess the sort of benefits you'll want in an essential oil. Considering the chaos of the holiday season and the potentially dark and dreary months that follow, we could certainly use some varieties that help boost relaxation, clarity, and positivity.
Of course, as trendy as essential oils may be at the moment, you should know how to use and shop for them before setting up your diffuser. If you're pregnant or have allergies, asthma, or other health conditions, always consult your doctor before using a new essential oil. That way, you can enjoy its effects without any concerns of having a sensitivity or reaction to it.
Here, we highlight five types of essential oils that are perfectly suited to ease your wintertime woes.

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