How To DIY A Hanging Planter For Under £10

Channel Pantone’s colour of the year 2017 by bringing some ‘Greenery’ into your life. This is a super-easy project to make and sure, you could just buy a hanging planter, but they’re triple the price and you get none of the satisfaction.

Here's how to make a DIY hanging planter for your very favourite foliage.
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Maidenhair Fern indoor plant, £2.99, Homebase
Pot, £1, Poundland
Brass compression olives (gold rings), 80p, Homebase
Wooden beads, £2, Hobbycraft
10 metres of 3mm rope, £2.97, eBay
Duct tape (Sellotape will also work)
A tape measure
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Measure out and cut your rope into eight 50-inch strands. We loved our pink rope, but this DIY also works with twill, wool or string if you’d prefer. There are a variety of ropes in every colour on eBay, and at your local hardware store.

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Measuring 4 inches up from the bottom, knot all the strands of rope together and pull tightly to secure. Turn your pot upside down on a flat surface and place the knot in the centre. Pull two strands of rope out in each direction, as shown.
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Make a knot with the two strands of rope, so it sits at the base of the pot. The good thing is, looping the rope loosely first, you can move and position the knot before you pull it tight. You can always undo the knot too, if needed.
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Knot each of the two strands together, until you have four knots at the base of your pot. This is when it’s a good idea to tape the knots down, it keeps them in place and makes sure your rope stays even for the next steps.
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Separate the single strands from each pair and, with your fingers, nip each strand together with the strand next to it. This shows how the diamond shapes will form to make a ‘basket’ for your pot to sit in.
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Knot these single strands together to make a diamond, 4 inches down from the base knot. Do this four times, all the way around the pot.
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Turn your pot the right way up and nip the next two single inside strands together to meet at the top edge of your pot. Knot the strands together – mine measured 6 inches above my previous knot. Do this for all four knots.
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Measure 7 inches up your rope from the knot at the edge of your pot. This time make a knot in each individual strand of rope. This knot will act as a stopper for your beads.
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Thread your beads onto each single strand of rope. I added two or three beads per strand, depending on the height and added a few of my gold rings in-between. You can use as many beads as desired.
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5 inches above your beads, gather all the strands of rope to make a large knot. Thread three gold rings to sit on top of this, for decoration. Separate the remaining eight strands in half and make a 2-3 inch loop for hanging. Double-knot this to make it secure, pull tightly and cut off any excess. You can also use a match on the ends to seal the rope, if desired.
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The great thing about this DIY is that the rope fits any size of plant pot, should you want to change it. Enjoy the new addition to your room!

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