10 City-Centre Properties For Under £150k All Around The Country

photographed by Matilda Hill-Jenkins.
Just because you're buying a house doesn't mean you have to move out to the suburbs, settle down, have three kids and get a dog. You're still young! You're still hip! You want to be by the bars and restaurants, by the shops and theatres – not out in a semi-detached house, half an hour's drive from the nearest Wagamama's. Although the whole getting a dog thing does sound appealing.
All across the UK, it's perfectly possible to buy a place in the centre of a city for under £150,000. Yes, that's still a lot of money. And yes, it means it's unaffordable for a lot of you, but it is less than what the average asking price is (£300k in case you were wondering) and, if you're living in a city centre, you might even save on having a car by relying on public transport instead.
Have a click through to see our favourite city centre apartments that cost less than £150k.

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