Genius Christmas Tree Alternatives For Small Spaces

There’s no denying it. Nothing beats a real Christmas tree. The smell of pine needles, the hours spent trying to find the perfect specimen, arguing over whether or not you’ve put it up straight... it’s all part and parcel of the season’s rituals. But let’s be realistic, just for a sec. Our tiny urban homes can barely cope with a two-seater sofa, let alone a six-footer obscuring the TV (you know how annoying that was last year). So maybe a real tree isn’t on the cards this time – but it’s okay, you needn’t miss out on the sparkles, fairy lights and chocolate decorations. These space-saving alternatives offer every opportunity to show off your creativity (and taste in baubles).
Look on the plus side: you'll be forgoing the aftermath of finding pine needles between your toes for the next six months. And you can use them year after year, if you so wish. These really are the gifts that keep on giving.

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