19 Renters Around The UK Share How Much They Pay, And What It Gets Them

Photographed by Matilda Hill-Jenkins.
Ah renting. The curse of our generation. In England, 48% of people under 35 rent from a private landlord, and the number of over 35s in the rental market is only growing. It is estimated that one third of Millennials will never be able to afford their own home.
Which would be fine. If rent was affordable. But people in their 20s spend roughly 35% of their salaries on rent and during lockdown, private rents in England hit record highs. The median rent was highest in London, £1,425 a month, and lowest in north east England, £495.
But enough doom and gloom! In this time of fluctuation while people re-evaluate their lives and think of alternative ways of living, we decided to ask readers from around the country how much their rent is. Click through to see if there's cheaper rent in your future in a different area of the UK altogether!