5 Wellness Retreats You Can Actually Afford

I don’t know about you but after last year's ill-fated girls' trip to Ibiza, the idea of a wellness retreat as a holiday sounds fan-flipping-tastic. Yoga, juices and meditation from dawn 'til dusk? Sign me up.

The problem is, though, that these retreats can often be a little spenny. And we're not talking the "I'll have the third-cheapest bottle of wine on the menu" kind of spenny. No, we're talking the kind of spenny that would make anyone bar Tamara Ecclestone go "Ugh".

Luckily, if you don't mind not staying in a five-star all-inclusive spa carved into the mountains of Indonesia, there are a few wellness retreats that are a little more affordable. Sure, you might not have a personal waiter, but you will have something that very rich people often forget – fun.

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