How To Fix The Career “Mistakes” That Affect Your Paycheque

produced by Anna Jay; photographed by Kieran Boswell.
I strongly believe that you can't get very far in life by winging it. Of course, as a financial planner, I'm obviously biased. But the fact remains that earning more money provides you the opportunity to build a strong financial foundation and begin to identify your goals, whether that's buying a house, traveling more, upgrading your lifestyle, or saving for retirement.
Saying you want to make more money and actually earning a higher salary are two different things. So how can you craft your career, negotiation, and investment strategies from the very beginning, so you have the money you need to make those dreams a reality?
The truth: It’s not easy. We all worry that past career and negotiating mistakes will prevent us from ever catching up financially. The key is to learn from those bad experiences and set up a strategy that works for you.
Thankfully, there's a wealth of great advice out there. And today we've rounded up some of our favourite tidbits from a recent Ellevate panel that featured Ann Shoket, author of The Big Life , Alexandra Dickinson, founder of Ask For It, and Jaime Petkanics, founder of The Prepary, talking about the three most common hang-ups they see holding women back — and how to catch yourself before you fall for those traps.
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