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‘Buy Now Pay Later’ Has Been Reimagined – Here’s How It Could Help You Shop Differently

There are times in life when an important purchase is on the horizon, yet the idea of emptying your entire bank account balance in one swoop can send your heart rate off the charts. You’re not alone if you’ve ever felt overwhelmed by a financial decision. Particularly when it comes to borrowing money, knowing what you’re signing up to and how much it will cost can be tricky. But imagine if there was a flexible way to shop today and pay over time?
Thanks to the latest innovation from NatWest, Buy Now Pay Later has been reimagined. Forget any previous ideas you might have about how it works; the new NatWest Buy Now Pay Later has been created to help you make the big purchase decisions that matter to you, with the flexibility to split your payments over time at no additional cost when you pay on time. Read on for the lowdown on how you could shop differently in the future.
More flexibility for big moments
When you know that you have a big purchase in the pipeline, whether that’s a once-in-a-lifetime festival ticket, or a statement piece of furniture that you’ve been pining after for months, working out the most financially savvy way to spend can be a challenge. Sometimes, it can feel as though there's no straightforward or responsible way to fund that one-off investment without setting your finances back a fair few steps. The good news is that with NatWest there is a way to pay with less stress; by slicing the cost of your purchase into 4 monthly payments at 0% interest and with no fees (as long as you pay on time) you could take the stress out of your spending for the purchases that matter the most. (Just note the maximum credit limit of £1000 and minimum spend of £50.)
The financial decisions that matter to you are unique, just like your financial circumstances. That’s why NatWest Buy Now Pay Later has been built to allow you to shop flexibly, without limiting which retailers you could spend with. You can shop anywhere that Mastercard is accepted online or in store (excluding foreign transactions), with the ability to slice your payments for goods, services and experiences, giving you ultimate control over your money. Plus, it’s straightforward and stress-free to apply through the new NatWest Buy Now Pay Later.*
Putting responsible spending first
Your financial wellbeing is important, and one way that you can protect yourself financially is through researching and choosing the lenders that look after their customers too. Before you can apply for a Buy Now Pay Later virtual card, NatWest will check your affordability and will only offer you the card if you are eligible. With affordability checks (and a maximum credit limit on the card of £1,000), we could help you to borrow responsibly.
Monthly budgeting is a tried and tested tool to help keep on top of your money management. A watertight budget can work wonders for your bank account, however those one-off big purchases can come along and cause chaos for even the best laid spending plans and stress you out. For those thought-through and considered purchases, Buy Now Pay Later could provide you with a simple, efficient way to spread the cost of a purchase over four months to match your budget and give you the freedom to say yes without sacrificing the rest of your financial setup.
Plus, if you find yourself with an extra bit of cash at the end of the month, you can always overpay or clear the balance early. You don’t have to wait for the next payment date to clear your Buy Now Pay Later balance and there are no extra fees for paying the balance off early; all you need to do is head to the app and select your Buy Now Pay Later account to make an extra payment towards your outstanding balance at any time.
Feel confident and in control

Looking for an effortless way to manage your money? NatWest makes it seamless through an easy-to-use app, where you can manage your Buy Now Pay Later payments alongside your other accounts, and you can choose to clear your balance at any time. So what are you waiting for?
You can apply now through the NatWest app and to find out more, click here

*NatWest Buy Now Pay Later is a credit product. Subject to a full credit assessment. To apply you must be 18+, earn at least £10k per year, be a UK resident, a NatWest current account holder and must not already have NatWest Buy Now Pay Later. Maximum credit £1,000 and minimum spend £50.  Mobile app required and available with compatible iOS and Android devices and a UK mobile number. Late fees apply.

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