3 Squat Tweaks For A Better Bum Workout

Photographed by Lauren Perlstein.
We looked into your fitness future and this is what we saw: You have a lot of squats ahead of you. That's because it's one killer move — a simple, effective, classic bodyweight exercise that's great for targeting your lower body (hips, glutes, and thighs) and also engages the muscles of your core.
So, as bums continue to have their moment, it’s worth giving your squat form a little extra attention; your assets are on the line. As fitness trainer and nutrition coach Adam Rosante tells us, there are a few things you want to remember:
1. Hinge First: The movement starts with a hip hinge. You’re not dropping your butt straight toward the floor; instead, it’s as if you’re going to sit on a chair that’s slightly behind you.
2. Think about your feet: Place your heels shoulder-width apart and turn your toes out slightly. This will help open up your range of motion so you can…
3. Get low: Aim to have your thighs parallel to the floor — or at least get your hips below knee-level while also keeping your chest lifted. Squats: They’re all about that base.

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