10 Of The Best Brass Buys For Your Home

Gold? Too bling. Copper? So two years ago. The only metallic we want in our homes now is brass. It’s our go-to metal of choice for accessories, furniture, kitchen taps, splashbacks – you name it, we’ll take one in brass, please.
Why do we love it so? Well, its flattering glow brings warmth to a space, yet somehow still looks cool. It feels weighty and expensive, but doesn’t scream ‘look at me’ like gold. And of course, being a metallic, it goes with everything – from desk accessories to kitchenware, there’s nothing that doesn’t look good embellished with a bit of brass. Well, if there is, we’ve yet to see it.
So with that in mind, we’ve picked ten of our favourite buys to give your home a bit of polish.

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