Olivia Wilde & The Booksmart Cast Tell Us About The Coolest Film Of The Summer

You’re not the only one who loves a good film about teenage girls in high school. Olivia Wilde says she’s a fan. But there’s something special about her new movie, Booksmart, that makes it the film about teenage girls in high school. In Olivia's own words, her directorial debut is about "two women who are unapologetically brilliant and so in love with each other". The specific type of world-orienting, heart-bursting, gut-punching best friendship that many of us will hope to have experienced at some point.
"I wanted to celebrate what happens when women are together, having each other’s backs, going on adventures together and are smart without trying to assimilate," she tells Refinery29. There’s very little to add to Olivia's description of what is already shaping up to be one of our favourite films of the summer. Except, perhaps, that it’s legitimately hilarious and you will laugh out loud (like, for real). Beanie Feldstein and Kaitlyn Dever, who play BFFs Molly and Amy, are largely to thank for that.
Just a minute or two with Beanie and Kaitlyn is enough to confirm how close they became while working on Booksmart. We asked them how a film like this compares to their own high school experiences (anyone else remember every teenage decision feeling like life or death?) and used our time with Olivia to bask in her profoundly wise words about personalising other people's actions and that habit society seems to have of automatically putting people into categories. Booksmart is a far cry from the cliques and tropes that films like Mean Girls hammered into us, kids.
From their favourite scenes to the things we can all learn from a couple of the smartest teenagers we've seen on the big screen, watch the full video below to find out all the wonderful things Booksmart has in store.
appearance by Beanie Feldstein; appearance by Kaitlyn Dever; appearance by Olivia Wilde.
Booksmart is in UK cinemas from 27th May

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