7 Ways To Use Books As A Decorative Feature

"A room without books is like a body without a soul", said prolific Ancient Roman philosopher and orator, Cicero. Nearly 1900 year later, this statement still rings true. The books in our homes speak volumes about us; our likes (present and past), our milestones, our good intentions – and guilty pleasures. And it’s not just the contents of their pages that make books worthy of a place in our already cluttered homes; most of us would agree that they bring a certain character and homely feeling to a space too. No matter whether you’re an ibooks convert, a coffee table tome collector, or a holiday pulp fiction reader, everybody has at least a few books at home, so rather than stuffing them into shelves or under the bed, show them off by making a decorative feature out of them instead. And if you still don’t see the beauty of books after reading this feature, then perhaps you need to look to the Marie Kondo school of decluttering and get rid. Of course, you’ll have to buy the bestselling book first to read up on how…

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