Be A Discount Queen: How To Get Money Off Literally Everything

photographed by Kieran Boswell.
Did you know we've got a Money Diaries Facebook group?
Yep, for those of you who can't wait until Wednesday rolls around for a fresh Money Diary to hit your inbox, there's now a place you can go and get your fix along with other hardcore MD fans. A place where you can get extra content relating to that week's Money Diary as well as discuss, in private, what you thought that week's diarist did right.
What we didn't expect when we set this group up was for it to turn into a one-stop shop for millennials' financial problems. You guys are so smart when it comes to money. From which ISA to get, to how to deal with a mortgage, to which debit card to use, there's no question too small or too silly for the group to take on.
To prove it, we thought we'd bring some of the MD group's wisdom onsite, starting with their suggestions for how to get money off everything. Click through for some great tips and add your own suggestions, either in the comments or head over and join the FB group yourself.

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