16 T-Shirts To Build Your Look Around

When magazines and fashion editors enthuse about the latest trends and must-have products such as fur-lined loafers, intricately embroidered coats and beautifully cut culottes, it's sometimes easy to forget the importance of a basic T-shirt. As the basis of pretty much every wardrobe, a good tee is the most versatile and crucial component of your sartorial repertoire, whether it's worn with jeans and trainers, under a sharp suit, a slip dress, or teamed with dungarees.
Yes, you could just buy an array of T-shirts from Primark for under a fiver, but you'll look and feel far better splashing out a little more on a quality tee that can last years and years. Finding The One is tricky as you need to factor in shape, fit and fabric, so we've trawled the rails for you and found the real deals.