The Best Removable Wallpaper For Your Rented Flat

Just because you can't afford your own home to paint, wallpaper and DIY as you please, doesn't mean your rented flat can't look Pinterest-acular.
Enter removable wallpaper – essentially the dream product for renters the world over.
It's been around for a few years but it's only recently (probably as we all finally accept the cold, hard reality that home-owning is not in our future) that it's taken off in a big way.
This wallpaper is no muss, no fuss. It works like those stickers you can get for car windows – just remove the backing, smooth onto the wall then, when you move out of your house, peel off and take to the next place.
Magic, right?
Here's some of our favourite designs...
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Palms 2.0

Because it’s time to move on from the green-palm-leaves-on-black-background trend (sorry pal, I know it’s going to be a tough transition), this wallpaper makes for a nice alternative. Still featuring ye olde trusty palm leaf, this colourful update means you can continue to decorate your walls in foliage without looking terribly 2016.

Floral Coloray Abstract Palm Leaf Wallpaper, prices from £27.98, available at Etsy
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Swans On Swans

Say goodbye to flamingos and welcome in the much more sophisticated age of the swan. This is you growing up. If you’re worried black wallpaper might be too big a statement for your room, then just use a little bit of this wallpaper to do a “feature wall”. Just don’t call it a “feature wall”, your friends will (rightfully) disown you.

Kate Zaremba Swansy Noir Wallpaper, prices from £28.73, available at Kate Zaremba
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Matisse Your Maisonette

Ever since that fabulous Matisse exhibition at the Tate (didn’t go, watched Netflix instead, my bad), Matisse-esque illustrations have been popping up all over homeware offerings. This nice peach and grey wallpaper also comes in a rather dashing primary colour version, too.

Kate Zaremba Muse Variations Wallpaper, prices from £28.73, available at Kate Zaremba
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Gatsby-approved art deco on one hand and Scandi geometrics on the other? Put your hands together, my friend, and find yourself in the presence of this delightful monochrome wallpaper which, as the picture shows, looks flipping excellent when mixed with a pop of colour.

Livettes Psychedelic Diamond Wallpaper, prices from £28.71, available at Livettes
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Dripping Dots

Muted watercolours are definitely A Thing right now and this pink and blue wallpaper is an excellent example of how pastel colours don’t have to look cutesy. Also, how good does it look against the chrome? So good.

Think Imprint Delicate Dots Wallpaper, prices from £16.46, available at Etsy
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Brush Strokes

Here's a good way to stop your monochrome colour palette from looking too grown-up. This wallpaper says, "Yes I totally understand colour schemes and also interior decorating trends but don't for one second think that means we are not going to drink at least two bottles of very cheap wine and have a dance party in this here living room."

Rocky Mountain Decals Brush Strokes Wallpaper, prices from £65.40, available at Rocky Mountain Decals

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