The Very Best Nostalgia Stationery From Your Youth

Schooldays – the best of your life?
Sure, for some people they were filled with the excitement of conversing with fellow students, eagerly waiting to hear who would be made the next playground monitor or receiving gold star after gold star for exemplary academic achievements.
For others, though, schooldays were a rollercoaster of emotions spent trying to fit in with other, more confident children or the latest cool trend. From Kickers shoes (too high) to yo-yos (you'll have someone's eye out), parental figures were there, clipping your wings at every step of the way. God, MUM.
One of the best ways to show off how incredibly hip you were was through the medium of stationery. From Purple Ronnie ring binders to fluffy pencil cases, your yearly trip to WHSmith became less about buying what you needed to do reading and writing, and more about conveying who you, at 8 years old, really were in the pegging order of school politics.
Read on to remember the wins, the losses, the highs and the lows of your school stationery purchases (thanks Mum, really).

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