The One Money Habit We’re Keeping After Lockdown – & The One We Can’t Wait To Drop

Photographed by Meg O'Donnell
When shops closed and all but essential workers retreated indoors, it gave many of us a chance to reevaluate...everything. Whether it was how we work, where we live or what we prioritise, all had been thrown into flux. And with that came a major readjustment of where and how we spend our money.
Wanting to change your habits and use your cash in a way that makes you feel happier and more secure is not a new desire – it's why it's a common New Year's resolution. But we've had far less choice about the changes we make this time around. Whether it was a change to our income stream or just the closing-off of spending opportunities, we had the chance to develop new spending (or saving) habits we might not have thought possible.
Now, months later, we want to take stock of how lockdown has changed the way women around the UK see their spending: whether these are habits they want to keep or can't wait to drop. And so we asked our ever open and supportive Refinery29 UK Money Diary Facebook group. Because whatever your situation, it will look very different from how it did in March.

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