How Coronavirus Has Changed 11 Real Women’s Saving Goals

Illustrated by Vero Romero.
If you're in a position to be able to save money, you've probably heard that goal-oriented saving is an effective way to save more in less time.
According to a study by National Savings & Investments, people who saved for a tangible goal would save 35% more than those whose savings were simply 'general'.
It makes sense: knowing that you're saving for a wedding, a handbag, a holiday or a house gives you a clear picture in your mind of your desired outcome. If you're just putting money aside without any specific focus, it's a lot easier to justify taking out the odd £20 (or more) here and there.
That being said, the pandemic has turned everything upside down and on its head. Some of us have had work dry up completely, while others have had the opportunity to save for the first time. Whatever your situation, it's likely your saving now looks very different from your saving back in March.
The members of the Money Diary Facebook group are keen aficionados of goal-based saving so we asked them what's happened to their goals under lockdown. Click through to find out.

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