How To Clean Your Home For Under £15, According To TikTok

Photo via @scrubdaddyuk.
Mrs Hinch walked so that Cleaning TikTok could run.
With over 7.3 billion views of videos tagged #cleaningtiktok, it's clear that watching people clean their grout, soak their toilet bowls in bleach or wash their sofas is scratching a very popular itch. It transcends gender roles, with people of all genders getting in on the grossly satisfying video action. And it has spawned a multitude of hacks and product recommendations that promise to give you those delicious, cleaning miracle before-and-afters that populate your For You Page.
So which of TikTok's viral products and buys are actually worth the hype? We rounded up our favourites (coincidentally, all under £15) which are hyped up with good reason. From smiling sponges to seriously good stain remover, consider this list your #CleaningTikTok starter pack.

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