These Are The Best UK Cities To Get Married In

Photographed by Anna Jay
There's no right or wrong way to get married. Whether you want a big, traditional wedding or a more low-key 'minimony', it's a deeply personal day that reflects each couple's individual tastes. And following the pandemic, it looks as though wedding day preferences are becoming more polarised than ever before.
Whatever your views on the "perfect wedding" – from flowers to dresses – it's definitely interesting to check out new research ranking the best cities to get married in. Jewellers Austen & Blake compiled the list by taking seven factors into account: the number of official wedding venues, local florists, local catering services, Instagram geotags, hotels, transport options and average temperature.
Perhaps unsurprisingly, London finishes top of the list because it has more wedding-friendly facilities and a higher average temperature than anywhere else. However, it isn't named the most "Insta-friendly" wedding city because Manchester, Birmingham and the small cathedral city of Ely in Cambridgeshire were all tagged in more wedding posts.
Bristol finishes fourth on the list because it has more official wedding venues – 61 – than any city except for London. Glasgow (54) and Liverpool (49) are also blessed with an especially higher number of official venues, while Sheffield ranks highly for florists.
Check out the full rankings and wedding-related stats below.
Infographic courtesy of Austen & Blake
"Choosing the location of your wedding can often be one of the most difficult decisions as there are so many other factors that come into play," said wedding expert Anthony French. "That is why we worked with a set of seven criteria that we deemed some of the most important factors when choosing a wedding location."

"Although it may not come as too much of a surprise that the biggest city in the UK; London, takes the title of the best city to get married, due to the sheer volume of amenities, it was surprising to find that not one, but three other cities were geo-tagged on Instagram far more than London, putting it in fourth place for its visual appeal."

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