These Are The Most Popular Wedding Flowers Of 2021

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Because the pandemic put so many 2020 weddings on hold, 2021 has felt like a summer of nuptials – with some ceremonies more low-key than others.
Vintage weddings and "earthy weddings" have been on trend according to Pinterest, while short wedding dresses are growing in popularity among non-traditional brides.
Now new research has revealed the most popular wedding flowers of 2021, ranked according to how often they've appeared in Google searches.
Poppies are top of the list with nearly three million searches this year, suggesting couples are seeking to give their big day a splash of colour. After all, nothing makes a statement like a bold and bright bouquet of red poppies.
The peony, generally available in pink, red and white varieties, is second with more than 2.3 million searches, followed by the eternally elegant white rose with more than 2.1 million searches.
While a certain iconic pop star isn't a fan of hydrangeas, it seems they are more popular with engaged couples: these beautifully blooming flowers have appeared in more than two million searches this year.
Check out the top 10 wedding flowers of 2021, according to Google searches ranked by Flowercard.
1. Poppies (2,930,50 Google searches)
2. Peony (2,302,700)
3. White Rose (2,172,500)
4. Hydrangea (2,081,600)
5. Daffodil (1,797,600)
6. Lavender (1,515,400)
7. Orchid (1,403,600)
8. Dahlia (1,352,500)
9. Chrysanthemums (1,216,500)
10. Foxgloves (1,203,800)
If you're looking to get ahead of the latest wedding trends, the research also revealed that the garden rose, chamomile flower and cosmos flower are growing rapidly in popularity this year. Dogwood tulips and Nigella flower are enjoying a bit of a boom, too.
Of course, flowers are just one component of a couple's big day – and one that some of us may deem inessential, especially if we're looking to keep costs down. At the end of last year Spotify revealed the UK's most popular wedding songs of 2020, a list which includes classic bangers by Ed Sheeran, Whitney Houston, Bruno Mars and John Legend.

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