5 Easy DIY Bath Concoctions To Up Your Self-Care Game

Here's my opinion: Having a bath is the single greatest thing you can do on this planet other than sleep. That's a fact. People who don't like taking baths are wrong. That's also a fact.
The best bath is when it's filled up to the tippity top. Make sure the water is as hot as you can bear it, get yourself a glass of ice cold water and press "play" on your favourite show while your laptop balances precariously on the (closed) toilet seat. Many people like to pair their bath with a glass of wine which personally I find a little dehydrating on account of the hotness of the water, but whatever works for you is golden. Bath time is you time.
But what to put in your bath? Should you buy bubble bath? Or does shower gel work just as well? Is it worth chipping in for premium brands (that travel-sized Molton Brown from the Christmas gift multipack isn't going to last forever) or should you be extra extra and invest in oils and bath salts, candles and more?
Suzanne Duckett, a wellness journalist, has written a book all about bathing that's full of bath recipes. The "recipes" (making a bath sound like a human soup here) work off the idea that a bath can be restorative and claim to help with everything from low mood to aching muscles, trouble sleeping and rough skin. The recipes in Bathe are all made with natural ingredients like salts, essential oils and herbs so, if like me, you're a little sceptical about natural health, then find solace in the fact that at least your bath's going to smell lit.
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